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you had the power of a wild horse running

I've set up the mailing list for the short story subscription: if you paid me $12 dollars and did not get a google groups invite, please drop me another email. If you have not paid me $12 and still want to get in on it, you still can. Just Paypal me some money and your email address, and I'll make it happen.

I will be getting around to signing andf mailing the books either this week or next. Probably next, because I want to kill the draft of Too Many Necromancer Titles while my concentration holds, and the book-packing is an all-day job.

First story should go out soonish--by soonish, I mean this thing technically starts in May, but we all know how well I wait, don't we?

2011 04 14 Daily CommuteTea today: Twining's Earl Grey, steeped 4 1/2 minutes, because sometimes you gotta go with the classics.
Teacup today: The bluer stoneware one.

Today is not a rest day, but it is a day free of scheduled extra curricular activities. Which is a social good, I think.

I have to get some more words on Too Many Necromancers or Whatever it's Called (I'd like to reach 10K today, which is ~3000 words), then revise "Underground," and hey, there's still last night's Mythbusters to watch.

(If I watch exactly four TV shows not-on-DVD, why are two of them on opposite each other? I know, Tisdel's Constant*.)

And it's supposed to be gorgeous today--like, mid-March! So I have every intention of taking the dog for a w-a-l-k when it warms up a little.

And I have 8 pages or so under my belt.

And in conclusion, the pear butter I made last summer is pretty good, actually.

"Time machine go!"

*"The perversity of the universe tends toward a maximum."
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