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Diane Duane has a blog. (via katallen)

Many, many aspects of my writing style are All Her Fault, as I about memorized The Door Into Fire when I was just a wee thing. And it's still one of my favourite books. A seminal influence on my writing. She seems to write one of the damned series a decade, just to torture me.

arcaedia, since you asked, I blame my characters' inability to sustain a 'normal, exclusive, heterosexual' relationship on growing up reading Duane, Heinlein, and Bradley. And being raised by wild lesbians, of course. It does make it hard for me to take straight people seriously. (tongue firmly in cheek, guys. tongue firmly in cheek.)

And just to make my life complete, I see that she's listing The Door Into Starlight as one of her current projects. To which I say, Yay!

Did I mention how passionately I love those darned books? *cites another influence* I should make a list some day, just for my own edification.... Sturgeon, Zelazny (I get compared stylistically to Zelazny a lot, actually--I suspect it's all the weird immortal characters and myths taken fifty degrees to the left, and my tendency to, um, I believe the technical term is 'show off a little,' sometimes), Beagle, Weldon, Duane, Brunner, Vonnegut, Conan Doyle, Lovecraft, Thomas, Housman, Shakespeare & Marlowe.... I seem to be into unabashed emotional honesty.

Not that that's much of a shock.

Not sure where I learned that sex scenes are just fight scenes written a little differently, though.

Hmm. Well, steal from the best, I say. *g*

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