February 5th, 2003

bear by san

the ghost of S.P. Somtow

seems to have mugged my brain (a neat trick for sombody who is not dead) and a high fantasy horror novel is trying to write itself through me, but I'm underwhelmed and I think I'm going to make it stop. Or at least do a heavy redirect. Feh.

Because really, if the idea is annoying me on page five, when it's still in the whittering stage.... :-)

Which reminds me: if anybody's looking for something to read, as part of the eBear support-your-local-newer-writer campaign, may I recommend Susan R. Matthews? A newer writer with a lot to offer, including a complicated and contradictory protag, a dark fantastical SFnal galaxy-spanning empire that I think will appeal to both Dune-style SF and fantasy fans, intricate intrigue plots and (whoot!) lots of swashy goodness.... the earlier books in her series are out of print, but the latest one (Devil and Deep Space) is said by many to be the best so far, and readable as a stand-alone.

Besides, she's at that critical point in her career and really needs the sellthrough *now*.