March 7th, 2003

bear by san

Well, Damn.

Warren Ellis posted a link to a design for an antimatter spacecraft design that looks creepily close to how I envision the spacecraft in the book I mean to start writing any day now.

bear by san

One for you conspiracy theorists....

According to last night's Las Vegas local CBS affiliate, KLAS/LV1, oil giant Halliburton (now why does that name sound familiar) reports that a radioactive device is missing from the company's South African offices--a device that 'could easily be made into a dirty bomb.'

That's not too weird. What's weird is that I have been googling and poking around on the CBS news website for fifteen, twenny minutes now and can't find any other references to this.

Did the "radioactive device" just slide behind a desk? Where did CBS get their info? Why isn't it on their website? And has anybody checked Dick Cheney's pockets?
bear by san

Spare words

I have a theory about why sentence-level choices have such an effect on storytelling. I just came up with it while chatting with Jaime.

I think spare words encourage a reader to skip, to get in the habit of skimming. Precise language rewards the careful reader. Flabby language frustrates him.

That is all.
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