March 18th, 2003

bear by san

Still Standing

And staring at my story. I added ~350 words to "Gone to FLowers" last night, bringing in a subplot and some symbolism. I think the additions work (and oddly enough, tie it more tightly to Hammered). And Celia challenged me to write a story based on external conflict, with healthy characters and without any themes of self-sacrifice, and no sex. Oh, sure, like *everything* I write has sex in it.

So I think I'll take this as an opportunity to try to fix "High Iron." Because I know what's wrong with it: the story ends just as the conflict is established. So now I have to figure out what the plot is that drives that conflict.


Well, maybe I can salvage something good out of it.

Writing is hard.
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bear by san

Okay, that was productive.

Did two or three crits for my writing workshop today.

Three and a half pages (the second scene of chapter four--the first scene isn't yet written) of Scardown.

Revisions on "High Iron" that may have finally fixed it. Weirdest thing. I was poking at it a little to see if it could be fixed up and possibly given a massive overhaul for the Sandbox challenge, and I deleted about a hundred words, added about 25, moved a few things around and bang. Click. Thud.

The damned thing fell into shape.

But it was a productive day.

And now I rest.
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