April 3rd, 2003

bear by san


Phew. The Annual OWW Crit marathon is in full swing. I'm not actually trying to win--just keep up. Some of these people are nuts.

I've decided I'm really tired of literary novels in which nothing happens, and where the author stops every couple of paragraphs to explain his brilliance, his symbolism, his characters' decisions and The Deep, Poignant Significance Of It All To The Unalert Reader.

Frell that.

In the good news, Jenny is still cooperative, although I am approaching the Dreaded Middle Of The Book (a/k/a the 35 K Wall). I'm feeling very relaxed and happy abour Scardown currently. It can only mean that the whole thing will end in tears.

Or maybe I got my dose of oh-mi-gawd-i-can-never-do-this out of the way early on this one. And it seems to be bouncing reader squids in about the proportion I want--notso much as Bridge of Blood & Iron, but that one wanted to be a dark and difficult book. Jenny is still a bit giddy.

Note to aspiring writers--never let your characters get laid. It makes them too hard to control. They get ideas.

In other news, my filthy Canuck vocabulary continues to expand. Go Gabe! Woo hoo! You kiss your daughters with that mouth, son?

Grin. Still, just a few hundred words a day, and before you know it--a novel draft is done. Now, making it not suck, that's the hard part.

In other good news, I'm still really happy with my skill level these days. I think I may have cracked "journeyman" finally. I can see I still have a lot to learn, but I think what I'm producing is solid, and I'm adequate to the tasks I'm setting myself. Which means, before too much longer, I'll have to start setting myself stiffer tasks.

But that can wait a year. Last year was exhausting.

It's also nice to be able to sit down and write and enjoy the process without that constant burning in my belly I had last year--better/faster/now/more/finish/get it on paper before it gets away. I know, in the back of my mind, that I have enough projects lined out to keep me busy for several years. But I don't feel any enormous hurry.

And I really need to get some dirt moved on the nonfic project some time soon. :-P Memo to me, dinner with Marion....

Happy Thursday, all. Sorry for the self-indulgence above... hey, wait. This is my live journal. I can be self-indulgent here if I want!
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bear by san

Feeling a bit like a white rabbit...

1800 words on Scardown today. Phew. 125 manuscript pages. Several short scenes in toto. The books an odd sort of kaleidoscope of shorter third-person scenes interwoven into Jenny's longer first-person narrative. I kind of like it.

And now bed. Or something.
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