April 18th, 2003

bear by san


Eat your brain.

1250 on Scardown and 1628 on Treachery today. Go me. I'm about a quarter to a fifth done with Treachery, and a between a third and a half done on Scardown. I like these YA books. Nice and short and fun and requiring of good characterization and worldbuilding and plot, but you're not out to impress anybody. Just be readable and entertain and maybe enlighten a touch.


Might try to get a paragraph or two on the budding John Henrys story just to start giving it a reality outside of my head. Also, I'm still poking at the idea about a story relating to the wolves of Paris, but ew, research. Meantime, headache calls for taking contacts out.

Damn, still yawning. Didn't I go to bed before nine last night? Not getting any younger.

Yes, I know the story snippet I posted yesterday sucks on a sentence level. Rought draft, written while asleep. It was supposed to illustrate why I was going to bed. Dorks. (said lovingly.) Dorks.
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bear by san


Slushed. Mine is all done: don't know about Leah's. Editorial chores are all taken care off: if you are for any reason waiting on an editorial response, please ping me.

Did one crit on the OWW. Off to do one or four more, then start the John Henrys story.

Dreading Easter with inlaws. Hello. Not Christian. Don't like ham. That is all.
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