April 26th, 2003

bear by san

It's wafer-thin

Normally, I don't find myself writing much about my personal life here. That's a conscious choice: writers are pretty boring, in general, and writers with a dayjob so they really never do anything but work are doubly boring. :-) Collapse )

Man, that was self-indulgent, and the ahi's all gone.

Let's see. In other news, I'm trying to explain to a dear friend that I love her book, but I think it has structural issues that are undermining a strong story, and hoping she doesn't hate me. I'm trying to finish Scardown and meanwhile trying to convince myself that I really need to write The Stratford Man next, even though it scares me because a) I hate in-depth historical research where you will ALWAYS get something wrong and b) I don't want to get stuck writing historical fantasies, because they annoy me. So I may alt-hist it a bit, and maybe even put it into the Garrett universe, except as a true alt-hist (with historical characters, in other words). Meanwhile, Garrett is campaigning to become a novel rather than a series of linked shorts. I really need to learn not to let my protags get laid: it makes them uppity.

But at least it would be third-person single POV. :-)

~1600 words on Scardown last night, and I have ideas for three more short stories--or two shorts and a frelling novella--clogging my head. Which would be just fine if...

...I didn't already have more shorts out there making the rounds than I have markets for.

(The resharpened "Wax" goes to Asimov's as soon as he bounces whatever the hell he has now. "Stella Nova," I think. Which I should try out on Scifi.com...maybe it's time for a gut-and-refit on that one too. :-) Maybe my skills have improved.)
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bear by san

That's me :-)


Which you can preorder at Amazon, HERE.
If I'm not enough of a selling point, you also get Neil Gaiman, Caitlin Kiernan, Barbara Hambly, and a list of other names far, far more recognizable than mine.

On the other hand, I just got my traditional form reject from Alchemy. Ah me, ah my. Is this all as funny as I think it is?
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Sucking less

I have updated my web page. With new content, and a much less cluttered and kludged together design. We can accomplish amazing things when we're Officially Procrastinating, can't we?


If I were less lazy, I'd set background colors on thos pages so the image files don't come in all spotty. Maybe next week, eh?
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Dead uncle aleutherium

427 words on Scardown this morning, which isn't bad considering how much web-page goofing off I did and that I didn't feel like writing at all. I did get one short linking scene done, and am trying to figure out some conflict for the next scene (which I need to give some characters screen time and advance a subplot or two, but damned if I know yet what happens in it) and then I have one more biggish scene to go with a major plot point in it and that's the end of Chapter 12. And 225 manuscript pages or so.

And I need to figure out how the hell to keep the Hartford stuff interesting long enough to bring it to the resolution. ::chews lip:: Oh, and I need more Razorface...

And screw it, it's Saturday. :-)
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It doesn't matter what I say... as long as I sing with inflection

Very few people ever listen to the lyrics.

If they did, they'd notice that there's a whole education in this song on how any kind of entertainer's art works--misdirection, hook, narrative, tempo changes, eyekicks, plot and revelation. There just aren't all that many differences between this and that.

Okay, not fair entirely. Some people are interested in the lyrics and what the song--or the story--is about. But overwhelmingly, most of your general audience just want to groove to something for a little bit. So it's good to write songs--and stories--that can be enjoyed in layers. The surface and the depth, so to speak.

Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in--

I added some new content while I was updating the website today. A story published in Scheherazade a few years back, entitled The Company of Four, which serves as a pretty good example of how I was writing in 1996 or so.
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bear by san

Mugged by short story

At least I think it's going to be a short short story. I got 4 pages today on a high-concept SF thing, and I think I'm mayeb a third of the way done. It's writing real smooth, though, and I don't want to try to force it and maybe lose the magic, so I'll let the next two or three scenes percolate and finish it tomorrow. Even though I know what happens and how it ends.

Could I be learning patience?

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