April 27th, 2003

bear by san

I just got a revenge crit!

Woo hoo! Hannah, it's the same zeo on the orkshop who flamed you! I'm "disappointing" and my writing is "like a soap opera." Go look!

Man. I feel like I've arrived.

In other news, I finished a draft on a story that's insisting on being called "The Train They Call The City." I loved it while I was writing it, and now I think I hate it, but they usually run like that. It's chock full of cool ideas, though, which is worth something. And it probably will suck less by this afternoon.

And wordcount on Scardown now. After cereal and tea. Ho!
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bear by san

(no subject)

about 840 words on Scardown today--750 of that actualy wordcount, and the rest roughing out a few scenes yet to come. One more scene in Chapter 11. ::Jawcracking yawn::

Now I'm off to www.ralan.com to research markets. I wonder if I should just hang on to "Wax" until Asimov's clears "Stella Nova." I'm adding that--"Stella Nova"--to my stories to be neurotic about list, because Asimov's has cleared a bunch of stories subbed after I sent that one in, and it looks from The Black Hole like they did a mondo slush blowout about ten days to two weeks ago.

And I just reread the story last night, and I still think it's pretty good. Eeep. I wish I would stop writing short stories. I have too many that I think are pretty good floating around looking for homes, and not enough potential homes to send them to. Oy.

At least there's a longer wait-to-rejection curve on novels.
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bear by san


I'm such a naughty girl. I just packaged up "Wax" to send to Analog. Lookit me sending fantasy stories to SF markets!

Okay, there's actually a logic behind this: Analog published Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy stories back in the 60's and 70's, and my character, the forensic sorcerer Abigail Irene Garrett is (obviously from the name) something of an homage to Garrett's work.

So it's a likely reject, but maybe it will make Stanley Schmidt laugh.

I also sent a story off to Would That It Were today, which is the first time I've subbed to that market. Which brings up to the milestone: when the story goes in the mail to Analog tomorrow, it will be my 150th submission since I started tracking such things.

That's a lot of postage.
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Picture Game 1

My selections from the Sunday Night OWW chatroom Picture Game:




The first thing I notice when we crawl out of the cellars is how blue the sky is. It shines through the empty windowframes, gilds the faded brick, blazes like a gas flame through the spaces where the roofs were.

Where the roofs have been--

--torn off.

We creep out of the darkness into blinding light and we stand in circles, clumps, huddled close together, arms draped over shoulder for comfort. Acutely aware that there will be no help for any turned ankle, any broken bone, we pick cautiously across the seared landscape, the sun on our hair hot as any dragon's flame. The silence smells of dust. The silence stretches out across that which had not been a desert, before.
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bear by san

Picture Game 2


The yellow water, if I can call it water, slicks my skin. It smells like ammonia and it tastes like fear, but it doesn't burn my eyes so I stay low in it and creep up on the charred black branches breaking its surface like a drowned man's fingers.

The sun rises through clouds as thick and gold as mustard gas.

I don't know the way home.
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