April 30th, 2003

bear by san

End of month roundup

Well, the new issue of Abyss & Apex goes online at midnight Eastern time. That's three issues in, and I'm really happy with this one. Some very solid stories, I think: good stuff. One thing I love about being bimonthly is that we can be very picky, for a semipro.

Sometime in the next two months, we should also be debuting a new regular column by an industry professional, unless that goes pearshaped. :-) (ooo, I'm such a tease.)

SO I'm in the position currently of trying to get my ducks in a row to think about what I want to work on after Scardown, as I expect to have a draft by the end of May or by June at the latest. Which seems awfully close, somehow.

My options are: The Stratford Man, a historical/alt hist fantasy that is currently scaring the crap out of me researchwise; Between the Bones, another Edda-world novel that I think I should probably shelve until/unless I sell the other three of those; an untitled novel featuring a forensic sorcerer about whom I've written a shortand two novelets; A Glass of Rain, which is the sequel to Bridge of Blood & Iron; and Wetwired, which is set in the same future as Hammered/Scardown but isn't quite a direct sequel. Or I could try to write A Treachery of Princes as a YA book after all, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for YA.

Sadly, I think the scary historical novel is winning. ::fear::

It's hard to prioritize what one should be working on next when one doesn't have an idea of what one will sell first, if anything.

Ah, well. At least I'll have a nice big pile of Emergency Manuscripts for some time in the future.
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Is it Friday yet?

Rejection embargo continues.

Finished a posting draft of "The Train They Call The City," my Blood Challenge story, to put up on the OWW tonight as soon as May starts, East coast time. Also wrote five pages longhand of revision notes for Scardown and I'm considering taking a crack at some notecarding for the second-half outline. Because I think I know what the threads are I need to resolve, and I even know how to resolve most of them.

Except I need to find the notecards. I have reached the point where I am naggingly, overwhelmingly, unbelievably tired of this book. (checks watch) Oh, look, page 240. Right on schedule.

Where did I put the notecards?

Writing is hard.
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The First Saturday In May

And now we come to the part of the year where all true horse enthusiasts prove unequivocally Just How Wrong They Can Be.

I call early speed from Peace Rules and Indian Express, with Supah Blitz stuck behind horses and Atswhatimtalknbout biding his time. If the track is fair, a stretch drive to live on the memory books. A four-way duel, I think: Peace Rules, unless Indian Express breaks him; Ten Most Wanted like an oncoming train with Pat Day on board (that is not a jockey/horse combination to be discounted, even at a mile and a quarter, no matter how burly and front-heavy he looks); Buddy Gil running exactly as fast as the horse next to him and half a head in front (Gary Stevens!); and Atswhatimtalknbout in at the kill as well.

And possibly Lone Star Sky: he looks awful nice, but I'm worried I like him because he's pretty. And he ran better last year.

Hannah likes Sir Cherokee. I'm not convinced. :-)

Empire Maker? I loved his dad, and as Hannah says, his mom had a tremendous amount of class. But I'm afraid I have a theory about horses with arrogant names.

And I just don't think he has the class to take a look in the eye and come back, and there's horses in this bunch that *live* for a stretch challenge.

For the win? Buddy Gil. I think he's underrated. Gary Stevens says he's a better horse than Silver Charm, with the same heart. He's a Northern Dancer grandson, and I'm willing to bet he's got grit he hasn't touched. And he runs like he's stubborn. I like that.

I hear a rumor he doesn't like mud, though, and it could be a sloppy track, in which case I think I'll jump on the Ten Most Wanted bandwagon. Now, there's a nice looking colt. Big, powerful, stride like a steam locomotive. This could be a real good year, boys and girls.

So the angular bay gelding or the big, burly bay colt. Over all their bay, dark bay, and dark bay/brown competition.

I'm reasonably confident, however, that the winner will be a bay colt. Or a bay gelding. :-) (Now watch Peace Rules or Funny Cide get it)

Now that I'm on record, watch Scrimshaw rock home and take it going away. In any case, expect to hear me screaming on Saturday.
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