May 18th, 2003

bear by san

Ding Dong

The slush is dead.

I let it pile up a bit too much while I was doing the Hammered revisions, but I've conquered it now. And now I will have some leftover chili for breakfast, and a cranberry seltzer, and read some livejournal.

And then wordcount, ho!
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bear by san


Wordcount: 1,706 on Scardown
Reason for stopping: I know what comes next. I know what has to happen. I have all the jigsaw puzzle pieces.... and the little bastards won't go in the holes. Gah! Outtamyhead! Git!

Screw it: I have four hours of writing time left today--I'm going to use it to do final polish edits on Bridge so I can print it out tomorrow.
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bear by san

"I was blessed / by a blood red moon"

Final gloss polish on Bridge of Blood & Iron before sending it off to Jenn is complete. I need to buy a cartridge, and I'll print it off tomorrow.

Scardown is back to being the very worst book ever written. Thank god it will be over soon, because it's just a killer grind to finish this thing now. The ending's not exciting. The book is not exciting. The characters are stupid. It was overambitious and I won't make it work. The good news is I will probably feel differently about it tomorrow, and I only have 23 notecards left.

Words today: 2521
Total pagecount: 337
Reason for stopping: This Is The Worst Book Ever Written And I Hate It Very Much

Good news: I may be done by Friday if I keep it up at this rate. Then I can do the line edits that the orkshop critiquers have spotted and put it away for a month.Or three.

Hmm. Maybe I'll do the line edits now and get them out of the way. That would feel productive. :-)
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bear by san

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Make that an even three thousand words today, but no more notecards.

I figured out what was wrong: I needed a transitional scene. Darn subconscious. Darn it to heck.
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