June 4th, 2003

bear by san

Well, I feel like I accomplished something

I finished revisions on "Stella Nova" last night: it goes back out today. I also sent Jenn a revised last 15 pages (used to be 20) of Hammered. I'm actually not sure which version I like better, but this one is a little less subtle and may work better for more readers. I failed to shut some gates, to use tanaise's metaphor, and a few readers were wandering in the wrong direction.

Ah well.

I also figured out how to fix Scardown. So all in all, pretty productive. I really need to quit writing short stories. The damned things are much too depressing to try to sell.

It's such an odd feeling not to have anything I need to be doing right. this. second. A&A is on summer hiatus, the July issue is all set--except for a column (clears throat), the TOC is set for September and I just need to do my editing pass on September's stories and write my editorial for July and do the September galleys. Not necessarily in that order.

And there's the nonfic project.

But I have like--time to read. And no slush. And no novels clamoring to be written.


This is nice.
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bear by san

Why writing is better than visual arts.

You can't break stuff.

You can go in and change it any which way, erase, retype, excise, add, revise to your little heart's content. And unless you're foolish enough not to save a hard copy or a backup file of the original, you can always go back and put it the way it was.

Knock a bit too much marble off of David's--nose--and there's not much you can do except pretend you meant it that way.....

FinishedPrisoner of Conscience today and I'm starting on Wet Grave. Still incredibly tired.
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