June 11th, 2003

bear by san

Willya, wontcha, willya, wontcha...


The Shakespearean timeline is really not going to require too much tweaking to make at least the setup of this novel make sense. I may have to rearrange a few dates. Damn, this thing looks to have a cast of thousands....

Did you know that English gardeners were growing lemons and olives in Britain in 1577?
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bear by san


The Stratford Man New Words: 1113
Reason for stopping: More than I had planned to do today, really. And end of scene.

I've hit Marlowe's first POV, and I have to say I am really going to enjoy writing him as a character. It's just too much fun to be able to write things like:

Kit awoke in darkness, confirming his suspicions. Although he was secretly relieved not to find himself floating in a lake of fire, he would never have admitted it to a theologian.

Marion and Ed can't make dinner, so it's put off for a week. Ah well. Maybe Chris and I will go out and do datelike things. Imagine that. *g*
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