June 15th, 2003

bear by san

I like my music, you know. Musical

Darn Elizabethans are encouraging me to pun an awful lot. Head full of sparkling conversationalists. Sigh.

I wound up with almost 4K total last night, although a page of that was notes and quotations for future use. Still.
Thassa lotta woids.

My chapters for this are running a nice tight 2.25-3 K or so. I've just started chapter 4, Kit's second POV, and he continues to amuse me as he figures out with slow perspicacity just how thoroughly screwed he is. I've got outline through Chapter six or seven, and the plot is cooking along nicely. 46 pages!

Meanwhile, reread some of Shakespeare's sonnets this morning, including the one with all the genital jokes. *g* Dirty boy.
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bear by san

The Outline Loses Again

Smut scheduled for chapter eight has been ungraded to chapter four because Kit was fussing about it. Chapter four is finished. I am massively on a roll.

The Stratford Man: 3,986 asskicking words.
Reason for stopping: End of chapter and a *cough* fade to black *cough*

Ye gods, I am tired. Tired enough to be thinking in slightly modified old Monty Python routines. ("And after the ensorcellments? The anal sex!")

Yeah, this is going to be a smutty book.
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