June 18th, 2003

bear by san

Still not a Marlovian

But I was playing around in Photoshop, trying to make myself some wallpaper, and I kinda accidentally came up with this:

Freaky, huh? It almost looks like the later Shakespeare portrait could have been painted over the (restored) Marlowe portrait.

I do note for the record that Kit's eyes are dark, and Will's are blue, however. *g*

Not a bad looking pair of men. Dig the earring, Will.
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bear by san

Stolen by Faeries. Film at 11.

Shakespearification for today:

My glass shall not persuade me I am old,
So long as youth and thou are of one date;
But when in thee time's furrows I behold,
Then look I death my days should expiate.
For all that beauty that doth cover thee,
Is but the seemly raiment of my heart,
Which in thy breast doth live, as thine in me:
How can I then be elder than thou art?
O! therefore love, be of thyself so wary
As I, not for myself, but for thee will;
Bearing thy heart, which I will keep so chary
As tender nurse her babe from faring ill.
Presume not on thy heart when mine is slain,
Thou gav'st me thine not to give back again.

--William Shakespeare, Sonnet 22
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bear by san


Jethro Tull hits my city of residence this August. Yay! *g*

Wordcount: 903
Reason for stopping: Dead on my feet.

I've skipped chapters seven and eight, for which I do have outline notes and some snatches of dialogue, and spent today working on the still very rough, very emotional scene in chapter nine where Things Get Laid On The Table. Which is a terrible pun, but I'm too tired to fix it.

Lots of Zappa on the MP3 mixer today. Weird, 'cause I was talking with my Dad about Zappa yesterday.
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