June 21st, 2003

bear by san


I figured out a structure problem with Stratford Man. And fixed it.

Words so far today: 451
Reason for stopping: Umm. Well, the setup is finished, and now I need to find the plot.

And I still have no damn clue what happens next. Maybe Kit gets to visit the Queen. In any case, I spend the morning editing, and I sent the first 115 pages or so off to some friends to have a look at.

Lets see how strange a tree I'm barking up. *g*
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bear by san

I'm a sheep.

Chris bought the new Harry Potter book, and I'm reading it. Slow going, so far. I think I'll declare 451 words enough for today, and let The Stratford Man percolate a little.

If anybody wants to give me a nickel, the anthology I'm in this fall has been released for pre-orders.


It's an impressive array of names. I can't wait to read it, and I'm a little intimidated.
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bear by san

Another Saturday Night

I finished HP&tOotP. Final diagnosis? Nice bits, but overall, flat. I skimmed a lot.

Faith and Treason is staring at me mockingly from the to-read pile. I'm trying to decide if I want to read The Reckoning, or if as a dedicated Marlowe apologist it will only annoy me. I also need to dig into Raleigh, Essex, and the Bacons. And maybe Spenser, although if I can avoid Spenser I will. I think I have enough on Jonson, although he's not got a head-shape yet--but Baines and Poley are getting theirs. Oh, and Dee. I need to turn Dee into a person soonish, too.

I realize none of that makes any sense to 75% of my readers. Sorry about that: It's mostly there to remind me what I still need to do researchwise.

*rearranges and fluffs Renaissance history to suit herself*

It may--glorg--be time for an outline. And a reverse outline. And to print everything out and read it hard copy. And to make sure I have the book more or less set in my head, because it's complicated and has kind of a mystery plot, and those are a bitch.

And I am so incredibly glad I didn't try to write this book before Hammered and Scardown, because I never would have had the courage (or headspace) to accomodate anything this size. I have a nasty sneaking suspicion I'm looking at at least 200K, when all is said and done. That's 200K of rangy spy adventure intrigue plot, too, not 200K of deep setting and sociological maunderings.

It does make a difference.

Still. 29K means I'm a sixth to an eighth of the way done. And I have all the time in the world, thank God.
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(no subject)

This from truepenny, my new favourite person for at least a week (for various reasons, up to and including this link).

Which she sent in reference to the portrait below, presumed to be of Christopher Marlowe.

I have not laughed this hard in a week.
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