July 4th, 2003

bear by san

More proof of wild inconsistency.

It seems like most of my friends who have a few sales under their belt tend to sell consistently to the same markets. I was just doing a little book-keeping, and I realized something interesting. To date, I've never sold to same market twice.

I can think of a few things that this would indicate (probably my own wild inconsistency--in quality or in content, I shall not presume to judge *g*). But mostly it does tell me that a scattershot approach to marketing is more or less a good thing, because it gets as many stories under as many noses as possible, increasing the chances that the right story will find the right desk on the right day.

Which reminds me, enough sulking. I have five short stories here ready to go back out. They go out tomorrow. Assuming I can find markets for all of them.

Always the rub.
bear by san

Annie Shakespeare is one tough mama.

I can tell because she just stole a scene from Kit. Which I think is a first. Walked in, muscled up, took over, and said, "You can finish with the nancyboy later. I wanna talk to my husband."

So I had to go write that scene instead.

Now I know where Beatrice and Portia come from. *g*

I have wordcount today, but I'm not done, so I'll bookkeep it later.


Barabas: Some Jewes are wicked, as all Christians are

--Christopher Marlowe, The Jew of Malta
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bear by san

Good night

Words today: 2944
Reason for stopping: Too tired to see straight. I am in fact stopping in the middle of a sentence, because I more or less know what happens next.

I am very pleased that I not only figured out what Will is up to today (or, more precisely, Kit figured it out, because Will has very cleverly managed to hide his agenda from me. He only lives inside my head. Nonwriters, don't worry: this is in fact a normal part of the creative process.) but I also managed to nail down the motivation for a plot twist at the end of Act 2. So, probably in about 150 pages. :-P

Heh. It's all good. Now I'd better go to bed, because the dogs will likely wake me up at 5 am.
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