July 7th, 2003

bear by san

People aren't saints: no, people just are--

No mail in the mailbox yet. Wow! It's almost noon. (I got sucked into something I was reading for truepenny, and speaking of same, there is a comment thread that ate cincinnati on rape, romance, and Anne McCaffery going on in her livejournal, and lost track of time.)

The boy will be home tonight. There is still almost no work at work, so I am home early again. (It also doesn't help that I couldn't sleep at all last night.)

I guess it's time to go bury myself in Will & Kit's Excellent Adventure and see of I can get some words on the page.
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bear by san


Caught from dlandon.

You're a Sapphire. You seem to be unreachable, but
deep inside, you are really a nice and warm
person. You are elegant and get along well with
people once you know them.

What Jewel Are You?
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It would be sad if it wasn't so true. Really, I'm cuddly and warm....
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bear by san

Book keeping

Wordcount: 1,078
Reason for stopping: I promised myself a thousand words, and by Jove I wrote a thousand words.
Pagecount: 213, and 13 more in scene-and-outline notes

Also figured out two more plot points, and the unholy concatation of events that is the climax of the book. Where, as Tom Waits is wont to say, "Everything goes to Hell."

And my jaw is cracking with the yawns. But the threads are starting to come together, gently, in a way that tells me I was right, and this is a long and complex story.

Pedro: I shall see thee ere I die, looke pale with loue.

Benedick: With anger, with sickenesse, or with hunger, my
Lord, not with loue: proue that euer I loose more blood with
loue then I will get againe with drinking, picke out mine eies
with a Ballad-makers penne, and hang me vp at the doore of a
brothel house for the signe of blinde Cupid.

--William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act I, scene i
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