July 9th, 2003

bear by san

The Boy

Is home from California.

And has a live journal: kit_kindred.

His (cough) con review of Anime Expo is up.

We watched Adaptation last night. The whole damned thing is one long writerly injoke, with a certain amount of Charlie Kaufmaun's Mozartlike virtuoso showing off. I loved it, and himself had a wonderful time laughing at me as I collapsed on the couch, helplessly laughing at the writer jokes. Now I know what my beta readers mean when they point at Will and Kit and gasp, but they're such-- such-- writers!!!

I hope the author of The Orchard Thief bought a lot of beer with her share of the proceeds.
bear by san

Book keeping

Words: 901
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Can't start next one because it's very long and involved and requires three new characters who don't have personalities yet, and we're going to see Pirates of the Carribean tonight, so if I want to get any reading done at all before I cook dinner, I have to do it now.

The rest of my Amazon order came today, so I now have four more books sitting in my to-research pile for Stratford Man, for a total of six. Two more and a DVD set to follow, and then I think if I don't know it and can't figure it out through google, I'll bloody well make it the hell up.

There are limits.
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