July 11th, 2003

bear by san


Wordcount: 451
Reason for stopping: Will is working his ass off to keep me from getting too close to his kids. I expect he's been reading his biographies again, and is running scared. I need to go read some more and let some word generate.

Orlando: My fair Rosalind, I come within an hour of my promise.

Rosalind: Break an hour’s promise in love! He that will divide a minute into a thousand parts, and break but a part of the thousandth part of a minute in the affairs of love, it may be said of him that Cupid hath clapped him o’the shoulder, but I’ll warrant him heart-whole.

--William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act IV, Scene i


Remember Chuck Yeager's Flight Simulator? I used to play it on a friend's 8088 with a herc graphics card and a green and black monitor. (grin)

Remember how you could actually take the SR-71 blackbird into orbit? But getting it back down was problematic?

Tarzan Boy came on while I was driving to work this morning, and for some reason what flashed into my head was--

--I bet I could rip the wings off this thing if I tried hard enough....
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bear by san

More plateaus

So, having watched Adaptation a few nights, back, I'm thinking there's some thematic stuff in that movie that somehow ties into my plateau, too. The understated but unmistakeable way the theme is introduced and resolved, and how it ties into the structure of the movie itself....


Could I be having some sort of very subtle thematic epiphany? I suppose it is possible....
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bear by san

More bookkeeping

A little more desultory poking to bring me to 712 words for the day, which I think will suffice.

I even know what happens next. I just have no Will to write it.

Okay, the frelling Elizabethans are rubbing off on me a little too much.
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