July 13th, 2003

bear by san

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MORTIMER: Why should you love him whom the world hates so?

EDWARD: Because he loves me more than all the world.

--Christopher Marlowe, Edward II, Act I, scene iv


Wordcount: 2,203 of which perhaps 1K actually counts, the rest being outline notes.
Reason for stopping: I'm not actually stopping so much as eating something and nursing a headache.
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bear by san

That's pronounced "arse-eff."

I've just won my first SF Award!

*The Academy of Rentboy Speculative Fiction (ARSF) is
an original name, not associated with any other
academies. Membership is by nomination. Members are
required to have a sense of humor. Founder: K.
Lowachee. Co-Founders: A. Van Dyk, E. Bear. For more
information please email any of the above.

*The Ewan Awards is not affiliated with Ewan McGregor
in any way (darnit). The name was chosen in tribute to
the most famous 'Rentboy' in fiction, Mark Renton of
Trainspotting. Members of the ARSF write original
fiction incorporating angsty, often good-looking boys
in dire circumstances. Our slogan is: "Go beyond the loop."

Okay, it's a gag award. But Karin did a very nice job, don't you think?
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bear by san

There, Dammit

Words: 1800
Reason for stopping: I wrote the g-d scene I have been stuck on since Thursday.

Will does not *want* me close to his children. And I really can't blame him.

But the scene is done. Yay!
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bear by san

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That plateau I've been bitching about?

I think I just got over it. And it's very freaky. Because I have no fucking clue what I'm doing different now, but it is better.

I think I've suddenly started writing literature. I'm very bemused. The last 600 words I wrote are--


How odd.

I blame the sex scenes in Dead Man in Deptford. They've been bugging me for days.
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