July 25th, 2003

bear by san

Thank god it's Friday

Damn, a whole week of insomnia will kick yer ass. I should be writing, but it's all I can do to stare desultorily at Richard III

And I dragged my butt into work this morning, and they needed me for a whole damned hour. Meps.


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Now I just have to figure out how the hell to do that every time, all the time, and I'll be on to something.
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bear by san

More comfort food for writers:

Hah! I found it! I knew I would. Hey, tanaise, look here--

Sonnet 76

Why is my verse so barren of new pride,
So far from variation of quick change?
Why with the time do I not glance aside
To new-found methods, and to compounds strange?
Why write I still all one, ever the same,
And keep invention in a noted weed,
That every word doth almost tell my name,
Showing their birth, and where they did proceed?
O know, sweet love, I always write of you,
And you and love are still my argument.
So all my best is dressing old words new,
Spending again what is already spent.
For as the sun is daily new and old
So is my love still telling what is told.

--William Shakespeare

"Why does eveything I write always sound like meeeeee???"

Kind of nice to know that all writers are neurotic, isn't it? A special no-prize to anybody who can spot the sexual innuendo in the above lines.

When I run out of Shakespeare, I'm moving to Conrad, just so you know. The excerpts from his letters ought to keep us in writerly insecurity until the heat-death of the universe.

This bit: Why with the time do I not glance aside / To new-found methods, and to compounds strange? by the way, is the enjambed (meaning it runs over from one line to the next, instead of stopping tidily at ten syllables, sing-song, doggerel) iambic line that was Marlowe's innovation in theatrical blank verse, and which Shakespeare raised to the status of black magic.

And which later gave us such luminaries as Edna St. Vincent Millay (neurotic), Robert Frost (refreshingly sane and down to earth), and W.B.Yeats (even more neurotic, and usually pissed off at Aleister Crowley. Yes, that Aleister Crowley. Who said literature wasn't fun?).

Not necessarily in that order.

And thus, as I am wont to say, the folk process. Or to misquote: "Good artists are influenced. Great artists steal."

By the way, truepenny, danke schön for the tip on the Stephen Booth edition of the sonnets. His snarky comments in the end note alone are worth the price of admit.

In other words, I love In Search Of Shakespeare. I love Elizabeth's London. Did I mention they have MAPS?
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bear by san

In a nice synchronicity

Speaking of Uncle Aleister, this quiz is going around:

"the mediator, adjuster,

You have a deep love for simplicity, clarity,
fairness, and balance. You have a great
ability to edit, synthesize, and research
ideas. Your sites are turned inwards, as shown
on the card by the masked eyes. Alpha and
Omega are symbolic of your need to complete
that which you begin. You have little
tolerance of complexity, as shown by the
webbing in the background.

which major arcana of the thoth tarot deck are you? short, with pictures and detailed results
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bear by san

Lame, lame, lame

I'm doing quizzes because I'm currently too intimidated by Shakespeare's sonnet sequence to write.

Who the hell do I think I am, again? Oh, right: I'm--


is a Giant Man-Eating Plant that spins Vast Webs, and has Very Sharp Fangs, a mean Left Hook and a Metal Jaw.

Strength: 7 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 4

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat matociquala, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights matociquala using
bear by san


Wordcount: 817
Reason for stopping: Considering the amount of research on Renaissance English barges, the time it takes to ride from London to Deptford, the time it takes to ride from Chislehurst to Deptford, what the palace at Greenwich looked like in 1595, and the current of the Thames before the retaining walls went in, that's more than I should expect.

I hate insomnia.

I'm starving, and too tired to eat. I'm exhausted, and afraid if I go to bed, I won't be able to sleep.

And I'm a spoiled brat, because I can normally sleep through a limited nuclear exchange.
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