August 11th, 2003

bear by san

I have attained extreme frustration.

I'm having moderate but extremely annoying computer problems, which probably involve an o/s and word processor reinstall to fix. Until then, expect email contact to be scanty and often testy. *g*

Got a short scene written. I'm abotu to go tackle the Infamous Act Two, Scene Twenty. Where Stuff Blows Up.

Despite the fact that one of the casualties of this o/s problem appears to be my cut and paste function.

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Updates as possible.
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bear by san

--WinAmp may be the source of my software conflict.

Wordcount: 3420. Despite being unable to cut and paste.
Reason for stopping: I got the Ben Jonson insert scene done. And I got scene xx done. Thus bringing Act II to a rousing conclusion.

The manuscript total currently stands at 115,478 actual words, 126500 manuscript words, and 506 pages, of which 457 are contiguous, and of which only 9 are outline notes. I am ~2/5ths done, which allows me to estimate that the completed MS will run somewhere about 320K.

Which is a hell of a lot better than the 450 or so I was fearing.

I may be on vacation until after Torcon. Not sure. Will see how I feel about Act III tomorrow.
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