August 23rd, 2003

bear by san

Shiny happy writers

Feeling much better today after a solid eight hours of sleep last night. Don't tell me I'm developing a need for actual sleep: my schedule won't support it.

Added 547 words to the smut this morning, on the advice of my first readers, who found it insufficiently grounded. It's much smuttier now.

I have in fact written entire novels without any sex scenes at all, yes I have. Why do you ask?

I think I will find a beverage, and read my email, and try to decide what this first connective scene between the smut and the other smut has to be. The problem is I know what the scenes have to *do,* but I don't know what changes in them to create tension and justify their existence.
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bear by san

(no subject)

Wordcount: 2,613
Reason for stopping: end of scene, time to go read more Fall of the Kings

I got the first of the two linking scenes. Yay! And developed three secondary characters, go me. Happy happy. And developed theme stuff, too. And added a little conflict.

Very grateful I don't feel as icky as I did all week. This is much easier when brain is not mush.


Anne: So much the more
Must pity drop upon her. Verily,
I swear, ’tis better to be lowly born,
And range with humble livers in content,
Than to be perk’d up in a glist’ring grief
And wear a golden sorrow.

Old Lady: Our content
Is our best having.

Anne: By my troth and maidenhead
I would not be a queen.

--William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII, Act II scene iii
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bear by san

Final totals

Wordcount: 3846
Reason for stopping: Linearity achieved.

Had I as many soules, as there be Starres,
I'de giue them all for Mephostophilis.

--Christopher Marlowe, Faustus, Act I Scene iii
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