September 11th, 2003

bear by san

progress notes

Wordcount today: 2545
Reason for stopping: Kit got off the boat
Total MS pages: 681
Contiguous pages: 632
Total words per MS word: 154,254
Total words by manuscript count: 170,250

One scene left to link the main body of the story to the next written chunk. Something to deal with after dinner, or possibly tomorrow. Because I have done a damn lot today.

I am almost done with Act Three, which means I should be more than halfway done. Come on baby: it's all downhill from here on in. Because I also have a lot of crits and things I should be doing.

After lots of gear grinding. Progress. Momentum. Go!
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bear by san


Leonard Cohen. Yum.

If you don't already own "Ten New Songs," go and order it now.

And I got wonky and wrote another scene. About 1054 words. Which means that the scenes I was linking are linked now (Although there are more piecemeal scenes later on), and the book stands at 653 pages contiguous.


That's a lot.

Go me.
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