September 19th, 2003

bear by san

Who by brave assent? Who by accident?

Still hooked on Leonard Cohen.

And who by brave assent, who by accident,
who in solitude, who in this mirror,
who by his lady's command, who by his own hand,
who in mortal chains, who in power,
and who shall I say is calling?

I guess that one goes on the Stratford Man soundtrack, too. One of my friends claims I have a creepy ability at this. Dude, I just listen to the lyrics. *g*


Dirty Elizabethan Poetry. (The infamous 'Nashe's Dildo' again.)

Was discussing this in IM with rosamund, especially the little epigram at the end--

Thus hath my penne presum'd to please my friend ;

Oh mightst thow lykewise please Apollo's eye.

No: Honor brooke's no such impietie ;

Yett Ouids wanton Muse did not offend.

He is the fountain whence my streames doe flowe.

Forgiue me if I speake as I was taught,

A lyke to women, utter all I knowe,

As longing to unlade so bad a fraught.

--which is addressed from Thomas Nashe to Ferdinando Stanley, Lord Strange (A name that will be familiar to Shakespeare and Marlowe fans both, as he was the patron of Burbage's acting company until his (Strange's) untimely death by poison, and as Marlowe is reported to have claimed 'to be known to' Strange--an oblique suggestion of patronage, perhaps.) Anyway, that bit about "Ovid's wanton Muse" being the fountain that Nashe's dirty poetry flows from probably means that Kit put him up to writing the poem, or at least Kit's unexpurgated Ovid translation was the inspiration for it. (Kit and Nashe were also collaborators. As were Kit and Will, we think on at least two plays and possibly three.)

I wonder if any of the scholarship mentions this connection? It didn't turn up in my Stratford Man reading.

And people wonder why I'm so hooked on this stuff. It's like an episode of Connections tangled up with a logic puzzle and a locked-room mystery.
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bear by san


The short review: It was a better movie than Queen of the Damned.

Since Queen of the Damned was the worst movie ever made, that's not saying much. I actually cannot remember the last time I sat in a movie theatre actually resenting the film I was watching for existing.

This is not a movie worth doing a long review of, except to note that the most common line of dialogue in the movie was "Leave us!" A wise audience would take that as a breaking-the-fourth-wall suggestion, and suit action to words.
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bear by san

Progress Notes

Words: 831
Reason for stopping: Still not done with this berloody scene, but I give up.

Three rejections today: SH, F&SF, and Alchemy. Sent them all back out again.

abort/retry/fail/stuff it in another envelope, pussycat, and suck it up
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