September 22nd, 2003

bear by san


quinnclub sent me a Shakespeare Finger Puppet.

My Suckmonkey (which was a gift from another friend: a monkey symbolizing Authorial Neuroses) is currently playing with it from said Suckmonkey's usual perch on top of my monitor.

Heh. Collapse )

Also a bent paper clip I was fiddling with.

Yes, it's a big desk. Did I mention the boy built it for me? I love the boy.

Guess what I do here most of the time?
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bear by san

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It's 4:00 PM and I haven't written a word today. I did read September's F&SF and start October's Asimov's, which counts as 'work,' however. And now I'm trying to decide if I can get into Kit from one angle or another, or if he's still throwing a sulkfit. (My, that sounds dirty.)

Mostly I'm just hot and tired, though. It's back up over a hundred in Vegas today, and I was out in it for about two hours, and that always kicks my ass.

And I've reached that horridly whiny stage of the novel where I want it over with. Now. Please. When really, I should be trying to figure out if I can dig in and train myself to enjoy the journey and maybe look around at the scenery a bit or something.

Okay. Page 730. Here we go.
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bear by san

Progress notes

Useful site:

Wordcount: a hardfought 1,061 words today.
Reason for stopping: too tired to type straight.

It was one of those days where I couldn't do a damned thing without being interrupted by something. Also, I think I am testy and probably still sick. And working on an emotionally complex scene, one I'd rather do in flow, and it's insisting on being work.

Ah well. back to the coal mine.
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