September 23rd, 2003

bear by san

Grind grind grind

I got a little over a thousand words so far today, and I do plan to come back and give it another bash after dinner. But I cannot get this damned thing out of first gear this week.

The good news is I managed to cut 200 words from my hook, and make it better and tighter and shinier. And I figured out why the scene I wrote last night sucked so badly, and I fixed it (by puttin' back in the 200 words I cut this morning, in different places.)

My average words per day on SM since I started it on June 10th: 1647
Total words:174,377
Total manuscript pages: 771

Are we theerrrreeeee yet???
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bear by san


Microsoft word count on The Stratford Man as of this second.

175,000 words.


Kit cracked. End of scene. Major Plot Revelation.

Going to make spaghetti now.

We do this writing thing for the glamour, right?
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