September 28th, 2003

bear by san

Refilling printer cartridges to save a couple of bucks--

You know the part where it tells you to "press gently"?

I use a hammer. 'Gently.'

I can't reuse them more than once or twice, but my refills never leak. *g*

What kills me about this is that the refills print better than brand new cartridges. Why is that?

Yes, this does mean I'm printing out what I have of The Stratford Man. I'm going to have to do a paper edit anyway. I may as well print it out in chunks instead of all in one mind-boggling three-ream extravaganza.
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bear by san

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811 manuscript pages makes rather a big pile.

I had another Stratford Man plot revelation last night, wrote it up this morning for ~750 words, did a spontaneous 239-word flash for an unexpected and very welcome round of exquisite corpsing that wandered through my inbox, and finished printing out SM.

Also I wrote that last gargantuan livejournal post, which I think was valiant procrastinating on my part. I've been up for three hours now, and I'm making tea, having also eaten curry.

I rather feel like I might accomplish something today.
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bear by san


The grey cat is actually sitting on the mouse. This is a desperate bid for attention. Fortunately, I am good at keyboard shortcuts.


I am probably too fond of the phrase, "sturdy vagrants and masterless men."


There is this thing where you can stare at a manuscript for six bloody hours and write 200 words. And suddenly the dam breaks and you get 1500 words in 45 minutes. And the weirdest part is that I'm reasonably sure that the six bloody hours of blood-sweating is what produces that 1500 words.


Thou hast years upon thee; and thou art too full
Of the wars' surfeits to go rove with one
That's yet unbruised: bring me but out at gate.

--William Shakespeare, Coriolanus, Act IV, scene i


I want to master Dar William's level of telling detail. Or maybe that of Leonard Cohen. But damn, these songwriters, they can do some shit.


Words: 2,917
Reason for stopping: end of scene
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bear by san

In about five years

The fantasy and science fiction field is going to be hit by a mountainous wall of really kickass writers all of whom are named Sarah or Sara.

And I know them all.

That's kind of cool.
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