October 4th, 2003

bear by san

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No real new words so far today, but I'm gearing up and I've done some repoking on what I wrote over the last three days. I've gotten a lot done recently, and the next scene isn't really driving at me yet, so it's a good time to poke a bit.

Kit's going to become one of those characters who is a lifelong companion. I can tell. He's figured out Stratford Man will be ending soon, and unlike Will, who is sort of sighing in relief to see the end of the tunnel, Kit's back there in the closets going "Here's a cool idea, Bear. We could work on this!"

And it's all truepenny's fault.

I refuse any blame whatsoever.
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bear by san

The I Suck Week ^h^h^h^h Month


Words: 1118
Excuse for stopping: end of scenelet.

Also: about a quarter to a third of a YA mystery outlined. Collaborative effort, that.

And it feels like I accomplished nothing. One of those days.

I suck.

That's actually a good thing, because I've learned the hard way that these chunks of time when I suck and I can't write and no matter what I do it's not any good are just a sign that my subconscious has identified something I could do better. And that it's starting to do it.

So maybe the I Suck Week is a normal part of writerly development.


However, I did do an awful lot of work on non-SM related writing things. And I had the novel experience of a market that I thought had rejected a story a month or so ago emailing me to ask me if they could have it back for further consideration.

I said yes, of course.
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