October 13th, 2003

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So I accidentally wrote 1750 words on Stratford Man today. They weren't the next scene, or anything like it. Just sort of random poking that turned into a scene from later on in the book.

And 500 words on the YA thing, which is Seriously Nearing Draft Completion. Did I mention YA books are short?

I'm moody. It may be impending end of book moody for the YA thing (Wow, that was accelerated.) It may be just moody moody. But I did manage to get off my ass and do weights today, which means that if I get my walk in tonight, I should be able to provide some good healthy mood-elevatin' endorphins.


Elizabeth Hand has a review of Quicksilver up (via supergee) that details all the usual I-suffered-for-my-art-and-now-thou-shalt-too problems with historical fiction.

These are things I'm desperately trying to avoid in Stratford Man, along with the Random Cool Cameo problem. I'm trying to think like a novelist, dammit, and compress characters together where possible rather than being completely faithful to history, or dragging interesting people out just for a walk-on (No John Donne, dammit! No Mary Herbert! No! No!). I'm also shuffling a few events around a bit.

Because it's a story, dammit. And if Will can do it, so can I. *g*


When I behold the heauens then I repent
And curse thee wicked Mephostophilis,
Because thou hast depriu'd me of those Ioyes.

'Twas thine owne seeking Faustus, thanke thy selfe.
But think'st thou heauen is such a glorious thing?
I tell thee Faustus it is not halfe so faire
As thou, or any man that breathe on earth.

--Christopher Marlowe, Faustus, Act II scene ii
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