October 18th, 2003

bear by san

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Words: 472
Reason for stopping: I have a quandry.

I need this character onstage because I need to drop some more hints to what's going on before I start the big reveal. And I have some characterization stuff I need to do.

I just don't know what the actual plot purpose of the scene is, as opposed to its structural and characterization purposes. In other words, I haven't identified what changes during this particular scene. So I know what this is for, but I don't know what it does.

And until I know what it does, I'm not sure I can finish writing it beyond the setup.

*kicks novel*
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bear by san

Again, with the nobody surprised

You're David Bowie
I know what you're thinking: David Bowie isn't gay!
But you have to admit, he ain't exactly
straight either. (Hello,
"Labyrinth"?) Rather than squeeze
yourself into a label, you screw with them
until they're meaningless. What you're really
good at is inciting confusion, but from the
chaos rises clarity, and beauty. Your inner
Bowie probably speaks to you in whispered urges
to shout obscenities in church or talk to a
complete stranger like you're old friends. Let
his schizoid genius burst through every once in
a while; it will make you seem more
interesting. Promise.

Who's your inner gay man?
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bear by san

Progress notes:

Words: 1364
Reason for stopping: End of scene, which I did get sorted out. Huzzah.

That's Act V, scene iii put to bed.

And I've managed to get past the big dead spot and into 1605, where I have Straight Narrative And Exciting Things Happening until the End of the Book. Kidnappings! Swordfights! Beautifullest Princesses! Fear Death by Water!

I may tackle the next scene after dinner. Or I may not. It's too soon to tell. All this stuff has to lean together just right, so there is a lot of thinking involved.

Measure twice, cut once, you know?
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