October 19th, 2003

bear by san

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I'm restuck, and I know why.

Because I have to figure out, essentially, how to introduce a hole bunch of new stuff without the reader figuring out that I'm introducing it. 'Cause everything just changed, and I have no way to get around it.

Darn history anyway.
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bear by san

Progress notes

Words: 790
Reason for stopping: Time for a shower.

One more scenelet left in Act V, scene iv.
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bear by san


Words: 2144 (today, total, not since last update)
Reason for stopping: that's Act V, scene iv. I think I'm going to go for a nice long walk now, because I need the exercise and the internet is boring today.
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bear by san

Come on, Bear. Focus.

If mentos can parallel park your car, why aren't they helping me write my book?

I'm just not sure how this next scene works. Or even what it's for. And the mentos aren't helping. My breath is wintery fresh, however.

Perhaps what I need is the product in the Tom Waits song, "Step Right Up."

To wit:

change your life
change into a 9 year old hindu boy
get rid of your wife

and it walks your dog
and it doubles on sax
doubles on sax
you can jump back jack
see ya later alligator
see ya later alligator
and it steals your car

it gets rid of your gambling debts
it quits smoking
it's a friend, it's a companion
it's the only product you will ever need

I bet that product could write a book for me.

Come on, Kit. Get off yer ass. We got work to do. Act V, scene v. Just two more establishing scenes in this section before Everything Goes To Hell, to mention another Tom Waits song.

God, it's like Sisyphus and that last six inches to the top of bloody hill sometimes.
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