November 8th, 2003

bear by san

Spy icons!

Okay, the set's more or less complete. I may add Leonard Nimoy and Honor Blackman at some point, and possibly Noel Harrison and Stephanie Powers.

I added two Grrrl from UNCLE icons, because I realized I'd left Leo G. Carroll out! Shame!, and also found a great shot of Honor Blackman, so I did that one too.


But currently, we have:

Man from U.N.C.L.E. --*lots*-- of those
Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
Danger Man (Secret Agent)
The Invisible Man
The A-Team (well, okay, it's David McCallum in an A-Team episode)
The Equalizer
The Avengers --*lots*-- of those
Mission:Impossible --*lots*-- of those, too
Wild Wild West
I Spy
and Christopher Marlowe, just because *g*

If you're grabbing one, just let me know. My plan is to use them as sort of a supplemental mood icon set. Because I'm not giving up Wild Bill!
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bear by san

(no subject)

Words: 718
Reason for stopping: End of scene
1101 pages

Going to go get away from the computer for a little bit, I think, and perhaps nap. Not sure if I'll try to write any more today. The end of this book is turning into an exercise in endurance, but it is happening, dammit, and I will get it done this month.

I hope I never, ever get it into my head to write anything this massive again. There's plenty of time to get good and sick of a book this big.
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(no subject)

That should really probably be "madder than the average hatter," to be fair to my mood tonight. *g*

Writers is nuts. I can particularly say this because I'm so tired of SM right now that I can only concentrate on it in very short bursts, and I have to get up and do something else for an hour or two between bursts.

And yet I can't really concentrate on anything else because I have this nagging feeling that I should be writing, dammit, because I'm nearly at the end of the book.

I'm usually a "Type A" writer (as defined by John Varley) in that you would have to break all my fingers and chain me to the bed to keep me from writing.

Currently, I've become a "Type B" writer, where everything--reading fanfic on the web, watching old sixties spy shows on DVD or videotape, playing Windows Pinball, reading media tie-in novels--is more interesting than working on this damned novel.

Really, really, really need a nice long vacation.

What I'm going to get is another three pages, or bust. *grabs a snorkel and goes in*
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