November 11th, 2003

bear by san

Armistice Day is sacred. Veteran's Day is not.

--Kurt Vonnegut


Let them in, Peter
They are very tired
Give them couches where the angels sleep
And light those fires

Let them wake whole again
To brand new dawns
Fired with the sun, not wartime's
bloody guns

Make their peace be deep
Remember where the broken bodies lie
God knows how young they were
To have to die

Give them things they like
Let them make some noise
Give roadside bands, not golden harps
To these our boys

And let them love, Peter
'Cause they had no time
They should have trees and bird songs
And hills to climb

The taste of summer in a ripened pear
And girls sweet as meadow wind
With flowing hair

And tell them how they are missed
And say not to fear
It's gonna be all right
With us down here

--anonymous, popularized by musician and poet John Gorka


There are a lot of boys and girls out there fighting today, in a lot of different wars. If only Armistice Day would live up to its name.
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bear by san

I want to write a story where the beatniks save the world for communism.

But I suspect somewhere, somehow, it's been done already.


Words: 2,766
Reason for stopping: End of scene.
Pages: 1,123

It's rolling again. Now I just have to keep it rolling.


The devil knew not what he did when he made man politic; he crossed himself by ’t: and I cannot think but in the end the villanies of man will set him clear. How fairly this lord strives to appear foul! takes virtuous copies to be wicked, like those that under hot ardent zeal would set whole realms on fire:

--William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, Act III, scene iii


Who knew Tracy Chapman wrote a Cyberpunk song?
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