November 16th, 2003

bear by san

General purpose post: updates

I have been quiet lately because I haven't been writing, and for some reason, I seem to blog a lot more when the fiction is flowing.

Words yesterday: none, again, but I feel like perhaps today I may be ready to get back on the horse. The writerly urge is kind of percolating around down there. Although it seems to be chiefly focused on the Las Vegas novel currently, which is not where I need it pointed for at least six months.

Doesn't this thing have reins?

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you to everybody who kicked in an answer to the Elizabethan theatrical makeup thread. I've got some good threads to chase: you guys rock!

keelywolfe not only rocks for feeding my spy addiction with a bunch of Man from UNCLE episodes I didn't have, but she has an amazing ability to pick songs that will get completely adhered to the inside of my skull.

Jaime rocks for being able to expand my musical horizons, as does cpolk.

truepenny and katallen, you are likely soon to be victims of my malicious humor beneficiaries of strange boxen in the mail.

The world is a good and joyous place, that contains tom yum goong and chili pork with basil. Also rye toast. And Russian caravan tea.

Also, I cut off eight inches of hair yesterday, and am quite pleased with the way I look, although the ends are a little ragged and she didn't get it as short in the back as I wanted. But now I look like my icon again. Long live the a-line bob.

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bear by san

Progress Notes

Talk not of me, but save yourselves, and depart.

--Christopher Marlowe, Faustus, Act V, scene ii


Folk singer Hugh Blumenfeld is very, very good. If you do not know who he is, and you like people like Dar Williams, John Gorka, Peter Mulvey, Nanci Griffith, and so forth, you should find his stuff. Especially Barehanded, I think.


Words: 671
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Going to make myself some chai and come back for another pass.
Pages: 1136

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bear by san


I am so unhappy with everything I'm writing on Stratford Man right now, and so unhappy with everything I still have to write--the book has pretty much packed itself up and left my head, and every word I write on the damned thing feels like going into work the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I'm not excited about it or interested in it any more, and I can't even tell myself I have to get it done for a deadline because Jenn and I are pretty much agreed that it's not salable at this point in my career anyway, and I think all my ideas are stupid, and the long-awaited climax is anticlimactic, and it's all shit.

And I've been writing at it anyway for the last two months, despite this feeling. I dunno. I just can't see why anybody would care, which is not the attitude to take into a book, or nobody will care.

It's stupid and I hate it and it's getting stupider with every word I write. And I swear, if the goddamned guilt monkey would leave me alone, I would just shove the fucking thing in a drawer and not look at it until I get my rewrites done for Bridge and Scardown.

I want to work on a project I don't hate with a passion for a while, I think.

Although I am vaguely less pissed off at the universe for having had a good loud shriek. So perhaps I'll go see about this next damned scene.
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