December 2nd, 2003

bear by san

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Life is going out of its way to wear me out. I suspect I am dehydrated, and my tea did not come in the mail today; neither did either of the videos I am waiting for. But I am enjoying my vacation, and I got three of the research books on China yesterday. Also a lovely present from porphyrin. Wow.

I am a lucky girl.

Watched two episodes of I Spy with kit_kindred and two episodes of The Man from UNCLE with katallen last night. What a glorious waste of time.

I spent an awful lot of time shrieking "Oh my god! White stretch jeans!"

It's just one of those things.
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bear by san

How is it that the Man from UNCLE vidders haven't found this song yet?

Maybe it's too obvious. *g*

I know it's not trendy for writers to be so cheered and pleased by fanfiction and its offshoots, but it appeals to the part of me that likes to see other people love and cherish the things I love and cherish. My father is a bluesman (which is not quite as cool as being a blueman, which is what I typed the first time) and I have a real awareness of how traditional music changes and develops and is shaped as it moves from hand to hand.

I think there are good adaptations and elaborations and pedestrian ones, mind you (in the realm of pro fiction, especially. I have been reading a lot of Shakespearean fantasy lately, and most of it is naughty in my sight) but I think there's a lot of richness and development that comes from having a wide array of source material available.

Speaking of source material, I started reading about Chinese peasants today. And I'm getting more and more drawn into the planning stages of both the Las Vegas novel and the not-Cossack not-Morocco novel.Which is bad, because they have to go away and leave me alone. The reason they must do this is because I have to write science fiction now, thank you.

I'm actually still too burned out from SM to want to write anything, although I've sorted out what I need to do to fix Scardown. I just need to do it. And it shouldn't take all that long. I'm just still empty from the last one. The good news is that I'm still technically on vacation, so I am allowed to be a slacker. And I'm researching! Hey! I should start to get restless by Christmas, I suspect.

And next year is going to be a rewriting year anyway. Mostly. Except for Worldwired.

Interesting that some writers find that blogging deprives them of energy to write. Personally, I find that when I'm not working on fiction, I run out of energy to blog. And have nothing to say, either. Witness this post.

And good night, Austin, TX, wherever you are.
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