December 4th, 2003

bear by san

Jethro Tull was the inventor of the steam-powered seed drill.

It's also the name of one of the longest-enduring progressive rock and roll dinosaurs, one hell of a band.

Driving home from work, I heard Jethro Tull's "Another Christmas Song" (scroll down for lyrics--off of Rock Island)on the radio.

I've never heard that on the radio before. Of course, it was just rereleased on the Christmas Album. But still. I do so love that song. Tull is one of those rare bands that has just gotten better as the years have gone by, improving, adapting, and growing. (After a somewhat ugly oversynthesized period in the early '80's--but hey, everyone was doing it, right?)

And you can't beat these guys for moral complexity. The more grown up I get, the more I appreciate Ian Anderson's lyrics. (not to mention the sensual-yet-aggressive blend of folk, blues, classical, jazz, and rock and roll influences that is their trademark) That's saying something.

How many wars you’re fighting out there, this winter’s morning? / Maybe it’s always time for another christmas song.
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    Jethro Tull - The whaler's dues / Jethro Tull - Another Christmas song
bear by san

More squee.

My contributor's copy of Shadows Over Baker Street arrived today. I have not yet got to read it and see how the copyediting on my story looks. But the cover is very much prettier in real life than it looks on Amazon.

Also, my tea came.

And TNH blogs on the art and substance of the Mary Sue here.

Also, I wrote 741 words today on an odd not-Chinese not-fantasy short story, which is the first wordcount I've had in 13 days, since finishing The Stratford Man. And there was sesame chicken for dinner. And now I must edit this thing for the boy, because he is nice to me.
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