December 15th, 2003

bear by san

Boring stuff about life, mundanities, and eating while you drive.

No rejections today. Yet. *g*

Queried Black Gate about a story I was hoping they might love, but now I begin to suspect has gone to the big slushbucket in the sky. Sent a new story off to F&SF. Have not gotten any writing done yet today at all, because I worked (sounded so much like a frog, still, that my boss nearly sent me home anyway. Well, at least I proved it wasn't just Friday Morning Lethargy that had me call in sick last week.) and then I went to my favourite boutique (Tar-zhay) and bought pants. Which are comfy. And presentable. And fit. Which is good, because nothing I owned was any of those things. And then I went to the Pastal Orifice, where the U. S. Snail chewed me up and spat me out, but I did mail buymeaclue's package (only three weeks late, and without the CD because my burner is being recalcitrant) and some other stuff, and then I went to the grocery store and bought a beeeyoutiful piece of dead animal for the boy's birthday dinner (which will probably be tonight, not on his birthday at all) and I then ate sushi out of a plastic tray on the passenger seat at every red light, all the way home, because I was hungry.

I have an idea on how to actually inject some tension into the end of Chapter Two of Whisky & Water so that there is an obvious and visible plot, doing the plot-moving-forwards thing, and I know what I have to write next in Scardown. I'll have to try to get them written tonight.

The good news is, the boy finally has his new-to-us computer to replace the defunct one, so as soon as he gets it set up, I will have my PC to myself again. Hallelujah.

And now I have to go pick up the boy at work. God. What a day.
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bear by san

Tell 'am all about the girl who just refused to fall.

Kit has a new favourite song.

"Could I be Your Girl?"

I swear there's some creepy aetherial vibration that makes me pick up on these bizarre synchronicities at the strangest possible moments. Like when I'm making Swedish meatballs (with real Swedes!) for my mother-in-law and singing Jann Arden at the top of my lungs.

Well, I should really just chalk this week up to a wash, writing wise. Tomorrow, the boy and I are going to 'O' (courtesy of my job: it does have its perks) and then the midnight showing of some movie... *g* and then Friday is the boy's work Christmas party, and Saturday is the boy's birthday party....

And I got NOTHING done on Scardown today at all. At all! But I did get some Whisky & Water scribbled longhand in the car while running errands.

So despite all this, somehow the dancing around the living room singing along to Canadian folk singers at the top of my lungs and making the ginormous dogs jump and bark has left me incredibly bouncy and up. Obviously, I am not getting enough exercise.

Right! More dancing!

Poing! Poing! Poing! Poing!
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bear by san

Progress Notes

Whisky & Water: 878 new words

226 new words
10 pages edited
Page 121 of 446
Reason for stopping: Have hit next scene that needs extensive revision and addition. Something for tomorrow, I think.
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