December 17th, 2003

bear by san

But for now, I sleep.

Okay, so Cirque du Soleil followed by Return of the King followed by breakfast with the geeks does not leave one prepared to sleep.

But one must sleep anyway.

I've now seen three of the four Cirque shows either stationed in our touring through Las Vegas, and if all goes planned I'll get to see the newest one (smutty Zumanity) on Thursday. Today (technically still tomorrow, as I have not been to bed and the sun has not come up, and it's not tomorrow until one of those things happens) I cook fancy birthday dinner for boy. Friday we have boy's work party. Saturday we have boy's birthday party. Next week we have the usualy family stuff and a friend or two in town--

--somewhere in here I am intended to rewrite a book.

I am so not getting as much done this week as I need to.

(How was the circus and the movie? You have to ask? Well, hard to say which outshone the other, but the circus was cheaper--we get free tickets through work as part of our year-end bonus. There are a few reasons to really like this job. But I must say--homosexual French-Canadian clowns sailing a house around an indoor lagoon. My protagonist was amused. *g*)

I am pleased, aye. Pleased.

But for now, I sleep.
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bear by san

Return of the King--no spoilers.

Edit: Okay, one small spoiler:

"Who knew the elf actually was icky grubby filthy dirty all that time?"

Somebody on my flish asked about the trailers of RotK. I presume somebody somewhere is tracking this by region. *g*

We got a lot of stuff that looked less interesting than you could possibly imagine, The Mask sequel, Sky Captain (which just looked beyootiful), and Spider-Man 2.

No Harry Potter. (No great loss to me.)

The first two minutes of the Spider-Man trailer rate as the best trailerage I've seen since the first Godzilla micro-trailer (the one with the T-rex skeleton). And yes. Okay. It's true. I have the Tobey Maguire thing and have since The Ice Storm. But still. Very nice storytelling and reveal. I hope the movie is as good, but I was scarred by that ugly Godzilla incident. *g*

What am I doing up, you ask? Well, I did sleep for two hours, which was not what I intended: I intended to sleep for a lot of hours. And now I seem to be up again. So perhaps I will make some tea and try to work, after all. Although if you hit a point in one of my books where all my characters are suddenly talking like this.

You'll know what happened and where (squarely) to place the blame, won't you?
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bear by san

Progress Notes

Whisky & Water

Words Today: 976
Reason for stopping: End of scene, and time to get boy. When I get home it's Scardown time--after I let the boy check his email, of course, and tuck him in for his nap.

The story is getting a shape in my head. Oh, and I may just have hit the end of my endurance. 38 hours awake with a two-hour nap in the middle.

New Words: 108
Pages edited: 46
Current MS Page: 194 of 449
Reason for Stopping: Too tired to continue, and that's twice my quote. And close to half of the book gone through.

I wonder if any US president other than Nixon has been as mocked in pop music as Ronald Reagan? Let's see, there's Genesis "Land of Confusion," and this song, and Big Country's "Flame of the West," and Sting's "Russians," and--

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to compile a list. Charlie and Jaime and I were trying to make a list of all the songs about masturbation on our car trip to Torcon, but this is a little different, somehow...
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