December 19th, 2003

bear by san

Progress Notes


New Words: 533
Pages Edited: 82
Current page: 356 of 457
Reason for stopping: must go get boy. Oh, and this is the hard part. There's a lot of cutting and fiddling and fixing in this bit.

Rejection from SH today: "Cute but not for us." Alas.

Still clinically underslept. Will nap this afternoon once I get the boy home, I think.

Notice how editing and rewriting make me stupid and tired, when actual writing makes my brain run a million miles a second? Isn't that interesting?
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bear by san

Progress Notes and Other Things

The winter issue of On Spec has gone to press. With Me! and Jay Lake! And Karen Traviss. And a whole bunch of people I haven't actually met, but I'm sure are just as awesome.


New Words Today: 1851
Pages Edited: Lots
Manuscript: 463 pages / approximately 115,000 words

And that's a complete draft. One that's hopefully a bit less cryptic than the draft before. It still needs its polishing pass, and it's off to the betareaders for continuity and logic checking.

Go me!

And now I must go to the boy's Christmas party for work.
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