December 20th, 2003

bear by san

"Opinions are like kittens: always giving them away"

Chelsea gets me hooked on music.

That is her job.

I have to wonder if it has occured to those who argue that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and that if homosexual marriage is legalized, it will lead to 'the breakdown of the family,' that they are essentially arguing that being gay is so much better than being straight that, if there are not enormous social and political sanctions in place to keep people straight, the straights will be deserting staid heterosexuality for queersville in society-destroying numbers.

Of course, I've seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I know this is true.

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bear by san

Issues in publishing, #4672.301

Jena Snyder reposts Peter Watts' comments on market forces that have forced him to split the next book in his Starfish, Maelstrom, Behemoth series into two chunks.

In a total aside: I like Peter. Peter is a fellow eco-Gothic, for one thing, another one of the little clutch of SF writers who seem to have hit John Brunner at an impressionable age and been irrevocably twisted by him. You should buy his books, no matter how many pieces they are cut up into. Because they are good. And powerful and thoughtful and emotionally unflinching and all those things I love in my fiction.

(eco-Gothic: eBear's personal term for a branch of modern spec fic that focuses on character, internal conflicts, ecological/political themes, and inflicting massive amounts of damage on unsuspecting storylines, and demonstrates a particularly heavy New Wave influence. By contrast to the 'New Weird,' 'New Pulp,' and slipstream/interstitial styles (I think calling any of it a literary movement in anything other than jest is a little too much like taking ourselves seriously: it's more like a trend.). Essentially, if the New Weird writers read too much Moorcock and Tanith Lee growing up, and the New Pulpers read too much Leiber, the eco-Gothics probably read way too goddamned much Zelazny and Brunner.)

Peter is also the person who told me that barnacle's body mass in 90% penis.

I can respect that.
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