December 31st, 2003

bear by san

le rôti de petit garçon avec quarante gousses d'ail et des herbes de Provence

I'm cooking a turkey for company tonight. A 21-lb turkey. It barely fits in my shiny new stainless steel roasting pan with the turkey rack.

(The turkey was free, and I won't have to cook again for a long, long time.)

And it strikes me that a big turkey looks an awful lot like the headless body of a small child.... at least, when you pick it up by the wings and waltz it around the kitchen, singing Blondie, it does.

I don't understand why people think I'm strange. Hell, I'm just thrilled they had herbes de Provence at the grocery store. (They also had Krakus Polish ham, which is a rare and wondrous find on the Left Coast. I am a happy Bear.)
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