January 1st, 2004

bear by san

Progress Notes

Dunno where this scene is going. Or, more precisely, I know where it's supposed to be going, and what it needs to accomplish, but I don't know quite what needs to happen to accomplish those things.

But I did get about 1900 words cut from One-Eyed Jack (which was Whisky and Water, previously) and about 1700 words added to it. I removed two entire characters, because I think they belong in a different book, and I've discovered that there are no women in this book. None.

Okay, three, but one of them is already dead. I'm such a misogynist. *g*

Now I just have to figure out what the hell Matthew is listening to on his car radio, and I can move forward.
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bear by san

More progress notes

New Words: 884 on Bridge
Words Cut: none
MS Page 96 of 483
Reason for stopping: Got Matthew in the door.
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