January 2nd, 2004

bear by san

Go Team!

I celebrated the new year by trunking some stuff.

First rejection of 2004 was from ASIM, yesterday. Positive comments but sorry. And such is life.
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bear by san

Progress Notes

Nomail today. *performs a little mailbox voodoo to get the rejections rolling*

Did some work on Bridge this morning after work, despite a persistent earache that's bad enough that it's almost a neckache.

New Words: 1,376
Pages Edited: 35
MS Page: 114 of 489
Reason for stopping: break time. Possibly nap time, as due to sore ear I did not get much sleep last night. Also, I need to figure out something vital for POV character #3 to be doing until the main plot needs him again.

Hey, I'm nearly a quarter of the way done with the rewrite! Of course, I'm getting into sticky parts now.

I think I need a bigger werewolf subplot. Possibly with some blood. That might liven things up a bit.
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