January 14th, 2004

bear by san

I don't mind-- lying to my friends.

Actually, I do.

My life, overall, would be much easier if I were a better liar. But I suck at it. I think it's because when I was about kindergarten age, my mother told me that if I told a lie, there would be a black stripe on my tongue, and I believed her. So since I thought she could tell if I ever lied to her, I passed through the critical lie-development stage without mastering the skills.

Thus, I've been forced to turn my urge to fabrication and embellishment to fiction.


It's odd to me that Veruca Salt could have produced two songs I like as much as I like "Forsythia" and "Seether," and yet I find every other song of their unlistenable. tanaise says its the law of averages.


I'm still not used to it being lunch time by 9:00 AM. I think I'm getting up too early. Also, my hands hurt from v. much typing at work last two days. Pass the tiger balm, please.

And I'm going to try to write this ritual now. Cover me. I'm going in.
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bear by san

In the immortal words of Saint Zonker Harris, 'Far freakin' out.'

Mental list of moods that Livejournal should really support, for my convenience, Part 1:

bemused, interested, facepalm, squicked, intrigued, horrified, kinky, twisted, square, smart, political, apolitical, reserved, compromised--


cathemery offers an interesting discussion on use of intentional, nontraditional symbolism (as opposed to either subconscious or traditional symbolism) in writing, with some technical tips, here.
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bear by san

Reliving Childhood Trauma

Why did I just remember the children's book Uncle Wiggily and his Friends?

I'm profoundly damaged that when I googled on "Uncle Wiggly," (because I did not remember the extra 'i' in the spelling), the aptly named I Feel Lucky hit was a swinger's group.

You don't want to know the image my mental screensaver is now stuck on, but suffice it to say that the rabbit is still wearing his tophat.


Here's something amazing to read if you happen to be bored, by the way:

"A Jury of her Peers," by Susan Glaspell

Props to Googlemaster kendwoods for finding a story I remembered the plot but not the title or author of, after 15 years.
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bear by san

Progress Notes


Words: 937
Page: 198 of 529
Reason for stopping: Took boy to see Cooler.

Which was excellent. Five for five: the End is Night. It really, really captures a lot of the odd mystical truths behind Las Vegas. Baldwin turns in a layered, complex, remarkable performence, worthy of an Oscar nod. (Don't tell the Academy that it's a fantasy: they just might miss it and slide a couple of nominations under the door: the magic is subtle enough.)

This movie, unlike Leaving Las Vegas, understands Las Vegas.

Also, William H. Macy's testicles have replaced Danny Devito's ass at the top of the Short List Of Things I Didn't Need To See Before I Died. But I really admire his lack of ego in playing that sex scene. 'Cause you know how we're always complaining about the lack of ow-you're-on-my-hair in fictional sex? Well, this has got it.
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