January 21st, 2004

bear by san


Working on my rewrite of "Wax." I think I can use the editorial desire for more action in the front end of the story to add a few layers of misdirection, too. And the other stuff is easy enough to clarify. Hmm.

I wonder how much I can lengthen this thing to cram this stuff into it. It's already a short novelette....

Once I finish this, I take a crack at the next Missing Scene in Bridge of Blood & Iron. And possibly go for a walk with the boy. And make us both pizza.

I have a thumb-on-my-left-eyelid kind of headache, despite a fistful of aspirin and half a Mike's Cranberry Hard Lemonade, and my father-in-law is over, in the kitchen, building shelves under the sink. I actually wouldn't mind skipping the hammering, but such is life, and I appreciate the work. And the shelves.

I did get paid today, though. Which is good, because the Saturn's transmission is currently iffy at best.

I cannot wait until that far flung halcyon day when I can afford to quit my day job, and my alarm no longer goes off at 4:00 AM.

BTW, congrats to Jaime V. on her OWW Editor's Choice award. Hopefully the first of many honors!
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bear by san

And in spite of all the venting below, I'm actually in a remarkably good mood tonight.

Who'd have thunk it?

Well, finished the rough cut of the rewrite on "Wax." I'm waiting for my field team to tell me how many logic errors I made, and how many clunky-ass sentences I constructed. It came to about 1500 words of additions, which makes the story even that much more too long to be salable. But, you know. Some of them just wanna be novelettes.

Hope they like what I've done with the place.

Congrats to misia on her sale today, by the wayside.

If I were a smart bear, I wouldn't even try to write at Bridge of Blood & Iron tonight. I would just go curl up in bed and sleep. I am so very tired of that book. So. Very. Tired. I feel the way about it that truepenny has been feeling about Mélusine lately. And she knows she's on the last pass with hers.

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The Bataan Death march of revising pauses at the halfway point for a heartfelt whinge. Your regularly scheduled progress on conquering the planet to resume tomorrow.
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