February 8th, 2004

bear by san

Never done learning

leahbobet on writerly mistakes, and the fine art (fine oort?) of learning to recognize when one is screwing the pooch.

I disagree with a little bit of her phrasing--I think refining mistakes to smaller and smaller mistakes does constitute 'getting better'--but I think she's dead-on when she says (more or less) that there is not perfection in art, just smaller and smaller margins of error. And I think she's nailed down a a common reason for the well-documented phenomenon of neopro flameout; writers who sell a little start assuming they are 'good enough,' when there is in fact no such thing.

What's important, I think, is to keep striving for the flawless story while acknowledging on some level that there is no such thing.

Writers are like sharks. If we stop swimming, we die..
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bear by san


Spent most of the day on The Stratford Man edit. 333 pages (somewhat less than a third of the book) edited on paper. 252 pages (slightly less than a quarter of the book) worth of edits input into the manuscript. I'll still have pages and pages of beta-reader notes to go over when I finish this pass, of course. And I still have at least one short scene to write, possibly more.

This is like marathons.
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