April 2nd, 2004

bear by san

*cackles the cackle of untrunking*

Hah! And double hah! again.

Okay, I may be completely unable to work on anything new of consequence this month, as a direct result of post B&I burnout, but I think I figured out how to fix All the Windwracked Stars and The Sea thy Mistress.

And moreover, it's going to be easy. Might as well have something else ready in case Blood & Iron gets nolove as an option novel, after all. (Contingencies! Fallback positions! Safety nets! For I am ENTJ!)

Two novel rejections today, both complimentary. Alas for the land of close-but-not-quite-right-for-us. Current submissions out: 18

Also, it's raining in Las Vegas this morning, and has been since last night, and as a direct result, the whole world smells of eucalyptus. And this is good.

Je suis content.
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bear by san

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You may
blame Aphrodite

Soft as she is

she has almost
killed me with
love for that boy


I miss my pretty quotes in All the Windwracked Stars. But ~8 solid hours of work later, I have a rough not-so-rough draft done. (Not so rough because it's comprised of bits of final drafts of two other books. That's not as weird as it sounds, because both books were originally part of a three-book 'metanovel--' something like Dave Duncan's King's Blades books: a series that makes different sense if you read all the parts as opposed to the sense it makes if you read just one.

Now it's a diptych rather than a trilogy.

Now I start a stem to stern read for continuity, and to make it shiny.

Hellboy tonight. TGIF
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