April 3rd, 2004

bear by san

You're face to face with the Man Who Sold The World

I just posted something to the Orkshop for like, the first time in months.

I feel so shiny.

Hellboy. Verdict: Yes. Spoilerfree:

While the pacing suffers somewhat toward the end, this has surprisingly little ability to damage a movie whose chief joy is Ron Perlman's startlingly nuanced, funny, tender, humane performance as a giant, overmuscled, demonic adopted son of a mild-mannered paranormal investigator. Lest you think that the movie isn't for everybody, however, Hellboy's other chief joy is more overwrought Nazi villains per square inch than all three Indiana Jones movies put together.

Also, Azathoth (or something very much like him) has a cameo.

What a great movie. Not great in a Casablanca kind of way. But great in a long-suffering Indiana Jones "Oh, they have a cave troll" resigned-to his-fate action hero sort of way.

In other news, my girls play Minnesota today, and my boys play Duke. 'Scuse me while I go find my battered old UConn sweatshirt and curl up uselessly in front of the TV...
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